Optimize Airline Ancillary Revenue
with Merchandising and Bundling

Passengers want personalization and they want it from any device. Know your traveler, understand their journey and upsell for big ancillary revenue boosts at any point.


Launch the Total Travel Experience

Optimize ancillary revenue and deliver a personalized, omnichannel retail experience

From extra baggage to extra legroom seats. From economy to business to first class. Accelerate ancillary revenues and increase conversion using rich content for a superior shopping experience across direct and NDC airline distribution channels.

The airline industry is rapidly changing to meet new customer expectations. By offering lower airfare ticket prices, airlines can attract a wide market of budget travelers to stimulate demand. They can turn a profit by charging additional fees for ancillary services, such as checking luggage, seat reservation, on-demand entertainment, and in-flight food. Optimizing ancillary revenue is vital for airlines looking to recover financially, beat competitor ticket prices while also increasing their bottom line.

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To stay competitive and increase ancillary revenue, airlines must differentiate their online and mobile experience from start to finish

Optimize offers and provide a custom experience for diverse travelers by mastering ancillary merchandising and bundling. Increasing ancillary revenue starts with understanding your customers. Using data-backed insights and machine learning airlines can learn from customer purchasing behavior and recommend dynamic offers and prices to customer segments.

Comprehensive Services and Bundles Management
Powerful merchandising capabilities help you design offers with ancillaries and gain limitless opportunity to experiment. Now you can create ancillary offers based on market, fares, flight, passenger type or service demand. Customize further by applying discounts, offering promo plans and limited bundles to match market context.

  • • Differentiate offers with multiple rich content options.
  • • Price dynamically according to purchase context.
  • • Bundle and personalize offers to passenger profile.
  • • NDC compliance across channels.
  • • Compatibility with ATPCO Fares & Services.

PROS Airline Ancillary Revenue Optimization is Built on AI

Imagine a smart-science sixth sense into a flyer’s willingness-to-pay. Imagine perfecting your offers through real data to upsell, cross-sell and intelligently offer à la carte services and bundles. Lay the foundations of a profitable ancillary strategy, powered by science.

  • Deliver the future of airline shopping today, fueled by artificial intelligence.
  • Equip your airline to enter the digital economy fully optimized as a dynamic retailer.
  • Ensure your airline can capitalize on every new channel by intelligently shaping offers.
  • Build unprecedented customer loyalty by scientifically intuiting who flies and what they want.
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Mille milliards de transactions par an.


Le Cloud PROS est disponible dans le monde entier en mode Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) et est hébergé sur Microsoft Azure. Basé sur des centres de données certifiés SOC2, il dispose des fonctions de sécurité et disponibilité que vous êtes en droit d’attendre d’une application stratégique, telles que des centres de reprise après sinistre.


En savoir plus sur la sécurité de PROS En savoir plus sur le Cloud de PROS
Cloud et Sécurité de PROS

Une sécurité remarquable
Conformité au Règlement général sur la protection des données (RGPD) et aux normes SSAE16 SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001 et Cloud Control Matrix (Cloud Security Alliance).

Une évolutivité parfaite
Flexibilité pensée pour une haute disponibilité, permettant de s’adapter à vos exigences de performance.

Une intégration transparente
Compatible avec les systèmes métiers d’entreprise hautement personnalisés, comme les ERP et les GRC.


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