Medication Device Strategic Pricing & Accounts Conference

Chicago, IL

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Over the past decade, medical device manufacturers, patients, health systems and other stakeholders have seen a shift in the way devices are being purchased, paid for and reimbursed, all to support the value-based care movement. As health systems look to integrate delivery networks and group purchasing organizations to ensure comprehensive pricing models, manufacturers must consider the impact a product will have on a longer care cycle for patients. With the added shift of the pandemic, other considerations surrounding virtual contracting etiquette, the rise of outpatient centers, and creative avenues to abide by compliance standards are at front of mind.

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Join PROS at the Medication Device Strategic Pricing & Accounts Conference in Chicago, IL

The market volatility is making the Pricing team more critical than ever!
Keynote Speakers: Daniel Wolf, Director of Strategic Consulting at PROS, and Jon Moeller, Senior Strategic Consultant at PROS


  1. Is this the chance to correct years of price erosion? How to analyze all angles and use AI
  2. Learn how to apply changes through automation across all types of prices and customer agreements
  3. See how to analyze the realization of price changes to be ready for the next market move

Featured Speakers

Daniel Wolf, Director, Strategic Consulting, Food and Consumables at PROS, headshot

Daniel Wolf

Director Strategic Consulting

Jon Moeller, Senior Strategic Consultant at PROS

Jon Moeller

Senior Strategic Consultant