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PROS Solutions for Healthcare

The new pulse of pricing strategy in healthcare: machine-learning algorithms delivering the right solutions to the right customers at the right price. We built that dynamic future for healthcare eCommerce today.

Changing the Game in Healthcare eCommerce

The old approach to healthcare pricing strategies was characterized by intuition, opaque pricing, delays and migraine-inducing inconsistencies. We’ve changed the game when it comes to eCommerce for healthcare manufacturers. PROS built a platform to leverage your collected customer data into an asset that will take you from reactive panic to responsive confidence.

That’s why more and more outperforming companies turn to PROS healthcare eCommerce to help them compete and win in the face of new government regulations and changing medical trends. From CRM integrations for healthcare to the digital transformation of pharma, with more than 2 billion HIPAA-compliant transactions analyzed, PROS healthcare pricing and selling solutions create simple, smart ways to align supply and demand for major revenue and profit growth.

Expand and Sustain Profitability

Navigating ever-changing government regulations and developing healthcare and pricing models sound enough to capture the value you provide your customers mean big headaches for modern healthcare. PROS AI and machine learning modernizes your healthcare sales processes to solve these challenges for a material (and measurable!) business impact.

Perfect Your Pricing

Discover buying behaviors and price rationality so you can align medical product pricing and supply decisions.

Empower Sales

Leverage dynamic, data-driven guidance and healthcare sales intelligence to enable faster and more confident decision making.

Ignite CPQ in Your CRM

Empower your existing healthcare and pharmaceutical CRM with guided product selection and configuration, quick quoting and proposal generation.

PROS Platform

is a unified SaaS solution at the heart of driving transformative selling experiences.

Businesses today rely on the PROS Platform to deliver personalized offer recommendations to their buyers, through all possible sales channels, resulting in greater sales at higher margins.

Learn how you can make every buying experience more personalized and every transaction more profitable.

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McKesson Medical-Surgical Primary Care Improved Healthcare Pricing and Generated Millions in Gross Profits

A changing healthcare landscape, along with an increasing shift of customers to online channels, created a need for modernized healthcare eCommerce solutions that could provide competitive, market-relevant pricing across 2.5 billion buying combinations.

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