Automotive Parts

Unprecedented disruption and competition threaten to stall profits and revenue growth in the aftermarket. The PROS Platform uses machine learning and AI to maximize revenue, profits, and loyalty for automotive and service part companies.

PROS Solutions for the Automotive and Aftermarket Industry

New trends like IoT, Industry 4.0 and Product-as-a-Service complicate revenue and profit growth tied to traditional processes and sales approaches such as cost-plus pricing. Effectively leveraging vast amounts of aftermarket pricing data in your auto parts pricing software is key, and we’ve built the tools to do it for your company through AI and machine learning.

PROS aftermarket and automotive digital transformation solutions leverage prescriptive analytics around markets, customers, the service parts life cycle, segmentation, and competition so you can better serve your customers and simultaneously drive major revenue and profit growth.

Don’t Overlook the Most Important Part of Automotive and Aftermarket Pricing Strategies: Competitive Advantage

The fluctuating costs of raw materials and tracking competitor movements – both locally and internationally – while aligning pricing strategies for different service part life cycle stages can stall your profits. PROS solutions for the aftermarket transform your relationships, digging up new revenue channels, and smartly revolutionizing your manual processes.

Perfect Your Auto Parts Pricing Strategy

Gain insight, guidance and control through smart data science that empowers confident decision making.


Accelerate Your Sales

Create winning automotive and service part pricing strategies, quick quotes and proposal generation for confident decisions and more closed deals.


Better Serve Customers

Ensure superior aftermarket customer experiences that capture maximum revenue and profits through a perfect blend of simplicity and AI.


PROS Platform

is a unified SaaS solution at the heart of driving transformative selling experiences.

Businesses today rely on the PROS Platform to deliver personalized offer recommendations to their buyers, through all possible sales channels, resulting in greater sales at higher margins.

Learn how you can make every buying experience more personalized and every transaction more profitable.

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Industrial Distributor Fine-Tunes Parts Pricing Strategy for Millions in Profit

A multibillion-dollar distributor of industrial metalworking supplies struggled to find the optimal prices for its catalog of more than 1 million products. Find out how PROS provided the distributor with a strategic, science-based pricing solution that uncovered the root causes of margin leaks and generated $4 million above the company’s target revenue.

Meet the Industry Drivers Already Motorized by PROS Aftermarket Sales CPQ and Automotive Pricing Soluitons


See PROS Solutions in Action

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