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The competition for group sales is fierce. The complexity is daunting. Blaze a new way forward with smart data science that intuitively manages your bookings.


Launch the Total Travel Experience
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A unique, comprehensive, science-driven solution to grab group sales

PROS Group Sales software pins down a single location for all users – travel agents, sales, revenue management, etc. – creating a digital helm for airlines to manage group bookings, pricing, contracts and policies. Frictionless, transparent, super quick. With Group Sales Optimizer, airlines can quickly manage bookings and trip changes, providing a fluid, transparent process.

Self-Service, the Way Your Customers Want

Transform your group booking process with self-service eCommerce capabilities that empower travel agents to quickly quote, book, and manage changes. The automated group pricing and booking process lets your airline drive better fares, greater group conversion, and more revenue.

Eliminate Dependencies on Legacy Systems

With the power of payment management and ticketing, airlines have a one-stop shop for all their group pricing and booking needs. This greatly creates efficiency and reduces costs. Our group solution integrates ancillaries and post-ticketing management to allow you to completely revolutionize the group business.

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Eliminate Friction Between Sales and Revenue Management

With centralized group policy management, sales and revenue management teams can be confident that pricing reflects both revenue management and sales policies. Any escalations across sales, RM, and travel agents are transparent, reducing friction, turnaround time, and customer confusion through the entire booking process.

Quickly Generate Contracts and Track Payments

Automatically produce and manage contracts with required terms and conditions, making it easy for your sales team to get quotes out the door and manage their customers, driving efficiency and revenue.

No Guesswork – No Arbitrary Pricing for Groups

Dynamic pricing science is the only way to factor in the true marginal revenue of groups. Ours is the only solution powered by PROS AI and machine learning. Airlines make offers from a continuous price curve in real-time. Group closure rates go up, and so does customer satisfaction.

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The Right Group Sales Solution for You

Whether you are looking to automate processes around group bookings, an airline wanting to adopt dynamic pricing for group pricing, or one looking to completely transform your end-to-end group sales process, PROS Groups Sales Optimizer software is available in a variety of editions based on your specific needs.

Key Features GSO Essentials GSO Advantage GSO Ultimate
Dynamic Pricing using published fares
Save offers
Download PDF offers
Book a request
Advanced contract management
Booking management of group PNR-increase, decrease, split, cancel, and edit itinery
RM override fares and other components
RM override of contractual timelienes
PNR synchronization and load
Integration with airline's payment gateway
EMD handling
Request and price ancillaries

Mille milliards de transactions par an.


Le Cloud PROS est disponible dans le monde entier en mode Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) et est hébergé sur Microsoft Azure. Basé sur des centres de données certifiés SOC2, il dispose des fonctions de sécurité et disponibilité que vous êtes en droit d’attendre d’une application stratégique, telles que des centres de reprise après sinistre.


En savoir plus sur la sécurité de PROS En savoir plus sur le Cloud de PROS
Cloud et Sécurité de PROS

Une sécurité remarquable
Conformité au Règlement général sur la protection des données (RGPD) et aux normes SSAE16 SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001 et Cloud Control Matrix (Cloud Security Alliance).

Une évolutivité parfaite
Flexibilité pensée pour une haute disponibilité, permettant de s’adapter à vos exigences de performance.

Une intégration transparente
Compatible avec les systèmes métiers d’entreprise hautement personnalisés, comme les ERP et les GRC.


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