Community Impact

Caring for Those Around Us

One of our core values is We Care. Caring for each other, our community, and our customers is deeply woven in the hearts of our people and leaders.

We’ve always looked after our people, and in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey ravishing Houston in 2017, we formed the PROS Cares fund to offer assistance to those who were impacted by the disaster. This fund now exists to support our people who may need financial support as a result of natural disaster or personal crisis.

Our people engage and support a number of community organizations that support those in need across the globe. A few of those organizations include:

  • Women In Technology
  • Ride for the Cause
  • Dress for Success
  • Houston Food Bank

We strongly believe in giving back to our communities consistently — not as a “check the box” activity, but as a unifying effort driven by the hearts of our people. As we adjust to an increasingly virtual world, we are working to extend our community-based support initiatives to more organizations to help increase their impact for those in need.

We are also committed to doing our part in protecting all human rights across the globe by supporting the Human Rights Campaign, as well as working to align some of our business operations with those outlined by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals efforts.

Continued Outreach

As we adjust to our new normal, we are working to continue our PROS Cares efforts to more organizations to make a greater impact on others across the globe.

Community Outreach in Action

At PROS, we feel we’re only as successful as the communities we’re impacting.

This philosophy, paired with our employees’ desire to pay it forward, has empowered our teams to connect with the people and
organizations that need us the most.

Women in Technology

We’re proud to do our part to deepen the diverse talent pool of women in technology-focused roles. Our female employees actively participate as speakers in conference and events, such as Grace Hopper Celebration and Women Impact Tech, that strengthen the advancement of women in our field.

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