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PROS Science & AI

You need a fast, personalized buying experience. Our science and AI solutions deliver both, and that matters to your bottom line. See how more than 20 patented algorithms keep you on the digital cutting edge.

A globally connected, fully digitized market leveraging big data means that your enterprise has to get up to previously unimagined levels of speed and consistency, pretty much yesterday. On every channel.

Years of Smart Science
30 +

Leading the smart-science game for more than 30 years

Machine Learning

PROS AI and machine learning solutions smartly automate the stuff humans aren’t as good at so your people – real people – can focus on what they’re good at: customer relationships, organic sales strategies, innovations in data gathering and steering the ship.


Best yet, as our AI continues to get smarter in service of your bottom line, so do your people. And that’s a winning partnership.

The Team

Our Science and AI team members are innovators in their industry. Thirty-plus data scientists with more than a dozen PhDs and 250 engineers, all focused on accelerating your journey in the digital economy –​ a true smart-science dream team.

Our Scientists
Artificial intelligence illustration

500 combined person-years of science experience.

We invest 30 percent of annual revenue in research and development.

More than a trillion transactions every year.

“We educate our customers on the cutting edge of AI and how it goes beyond mere productivity to more intuitive and revenue-boosting intelligence.”

Justin Silver, PROS Machine Learning Scientist

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